How To 2X Your Income From Hosting Reseller Program?

When you start your career as a web hosting reseller you get a chance to taste the entrepreneurial freedom and steadily enhance your revenue. Some resellers are able to earn in 6 figures month on month. However, some of them can’t figure out how to gear up their present income. Others may find it difficult even to survive in the market due to the high competition. But those who play the game professionally are able to earn an enviable income.


It needs a specific strategy and proactive efforts. We have compiled the different ways to double your income as a hosting reseller. So, if you also want to know the secret of the highly successful hosting resellers, then this guide may prove to be helpful for you. We have carefully structured this article to help you grow gradually and finally start multiplying your income:


Be careful while tailoring hosting packages

You can tailor your own hosting packages as a hosting reseller. It is a reward as well as a responsibility. Be wise and make sure that your tailored packages should cater to the best interests of your business and your clients.


Many customers can’t decide the best packages for their needs. Selling them pricier packages is an easy way to make quick dollars, but it will eventually ruin your relations and reputation. So, guide them to buy modest packages that are just right for their needs and are affordable too.

Business benefit: Start long term relations by leaving a positive impression


Remind your domain-only customers to buy a hosting plan

A large number of domains sit idle until they are past their life due to non-payment of recurring bills. If your client has just purchased a domain name and hasn’t contacted back, assist them to buy web hosting plan too. Offer them discounts, send reminders and contact via phone.


It will make them think more seriously about their website. Here you can earn a better margin by selling web hosting plans and also opens opportunities for recurring income.

Business benefit: Earn real income by selling hosting plan to domain clients


Sell higher packages by offering discounts

Offering additional discounts for the periodical plans (Quarterly and upwards) can allow you to get a good amount in the single instance. It will not only help you increase your income but will also provide you the much-needed amount for the steady expansion of the business.

Use the opportunity wisely and ask for more discounts from your parent host. Just like you, they are also eager to sell higher packages by offering discounts.

Business benefit: Earn a good amount of income with a single endeavor

Provide additional services

You may also earn a fat layer of cream income in the hosting Reseller business by providing additional services like web designing and development. As you can deliver the value-added experience and use your own talent, the limit is only decided by your own capacity. So, keep on polishing your skills, learn the latest technologies and be poised to multiply your earnings.

Business benefit: Earn cream layer of income by offering value-added services

Tap the future market

Tapping the future market is the best way of growing in this industry of high competition. Big Data, Blockchain, AI, ML, and the latest cloud technologies may still take some time to penetrate deeply into the market. Understandably, these technologies need more resources and have specific technology demands.


So, check with your parent host if they can provide the hosting plans like big data Hosting, AI-powered hosting, etc. While the public blockchain doesn’t need hosting, the private blockchain does need one and you can offer such hosting plans to your premium clients.

Business benefit: Low competition means high benefits and better margins


Sell premium domain names

Selling premium domain names is another best way to multiply your income. While you can certainly not get millions of dollars for a single domain name (like it is not difficult to get 2X or 3X the regular price by selling the premium domain names. However, you need to discuss this with your parent host and either get the advice on how to sell premium domains or check with them if they can offer you the special package of such domains for reselling.


It is tricky and you have to follow some trademark rules in order to avoid finding yourself in the legal soup and paying hefty penalties. But if done right you may start earning more by selling premium domain names alone than by selling other hosting products.

Business benefit: Premium domains can earn you up to 5X the regular income



Starting as a web hosting reseller allows you to earn a decent income and recurring pay checks. However, in order to multiply your income, you need to be proactive during the initial period. In this blog, we have presented some solid tips to multiply your earning as a web hosting reseller by following a streamlined strategy.

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